Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Is Everything Disposable Now?

 When I was younger it seemed every cottage had a old fridge that was built before 1960. Built with heavy steel and chrome lasting 25 years was expected.
 When I got Married we bought new appliances. Between our 5th and 10th anniversaries we had to replace all of these appliances. These appliances didn't last long.
  In the first year we needed repairs on the fridge and twice on the dryer. The repair man said we were lucky the dryer was under warranty or it wouldn’t be worth fixing. How long are appliances expected to last?  
  Electronics improve technology and reduce prices so fast that people buy new every few years. If they only last a few years it doesn’t seem to matter, but it is such a waste.
Do disposable appliances make sense?
 Last fall my son’s 2 year old laptop had a broken cord connection. It seemed like a simple thing to fix - until we took it back to the store for repair. They quoted over $200 and 3 weeks just to quote the repair. The repair costs were extra. They said “why bother fixing it, new ones are so cheap?” This seemed crazy, the laptop was still like new.
 We did some checking and found the answer to our problem – RepairWare. They fix Laptops, TVs/ monitors, Game controllers, and printers. Chances are if you have had electronics repaired under warranty one of their technicians fixed it. They fixed and cleaned the laptop in a week for less than half of what the store charged for the quote.
 Instead of throwing away a great laptop and buying a new one, RepairWare fixed it for a reasonable price. It just makes sense.
 I recommend checking their website. Prices are clear so you don’t get surprises. They have a fast turnaround time, and customer service is a REAL person.  The added bonus is that RepairWare is now on with 5% Ca$h Rewards.

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